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End of this journey

Dear Donkey Kong fans,

It’s been nearly two years since the release of A Tribute To DKC First World, and I would like to thank everyone out there who have been supporting me in this crazy project.

As many pointed out, the game still has some issues : a few bugs here and there, the controls are a bit floaty and some animations need some work. I also never succeeded in building a version for Mac despite my many efforts. Optimizing the game is also way too complicated in the old UKD engine I used. Looking back there’s a ton of things to do on it.

I’m proud of the release, and I do not regret the years I spent working on this, but in order for everything to be perfect, to correct the physics of the game and to release more levels efficiently, I would have to port the game to Unreal Engine 4 (from UDK 3). And this would mean rewrite all the code from Uscript to C++ or Blueprint, and redo the levels.

That’s more work than I can pull off with the spare time I have, and I must admit I don’t really see the point in doing it, I think the release still is an interesting take on the franchise.

I don’t want to let you down, but I must be honest : there won’t be a sequel to this game.

Still, here is a video of the bonus level you can unlock if you get 100% in the game, that is a bit of a preview, of what the next levels could have been, I’m sure you will recognize some themes !

I thank you all so much for your support,

See you soon, maybe with a new project !

Best regards,


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Vote for the game!

There is a competition on for the indie game of the year! If you liked my game, you could vote for A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country by clicking on this:

Indie of the Year Awards


And by the way, the game is ranked 3rd out of more than 20,000 games today! Unbelievable!


Thanks a lot!


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A Tribute To DKC is released!

Finally! After years in the making, A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country is finally available!

Download it now to find all the DK coins, KONG letters, and the secret level hidden in the first release of the game!
It includes the first world, that’s 7 levels plus a bonus one!



To convince you, what about watching the release trailer?


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30,000 Views on Youtube!

Kotaku Japan wrote today a nice article about A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country!

Thanks also to Nintendo3DSDaily, Retrospekt, GamesTalk, 3Dnchu, and all the others I’m missing for their kind words!

We reached 30,000 views on the Youtube trailer! Thank you all, that’s so amazing!

DK Coins!

DK Coins!

And a few words about the game, did you noticed that you can collect DK Coins? There is one coin hidden in each level, you also get one if you grab all the bananas in a bonus level, and you get one by beating the time record!

There might be a surprise for you if you manage to get all the coins…

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Social media

There’s now an IndieDB page for the game, click on this icon to check it out : A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country

Of course, you can still check the twitter account, the facebook page or the google+ one depending on your favorite social media!

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A Mac version?

Hey there!

I might be able to create a version of ATTDKC for Mac OS also! Would you be interested?

Let met know in the comments below!

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The announcement trailer video already reached 4,000 views on Youtube!

Thanks everyone!


But did you notice the full walkthrough of the 1st level?

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