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What would like to see in the next worlds of A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country?

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134 comments on “Your feedback
  1. leonardo says:

    I was very excited to see your project, never seen anything like this before. Is fabulous! It’s amazing that one person alone can do that.
    You’re using the Unreal Engine? We also have a fan game Donkey Kong Country but is 2D (using sprites from the SNES).
    Keep up the good work!

  2. leonardo says:

    We use Multimedia Fusion 2 in our project. We have a playable demo that was released in 2011, if you want to try you can download it from this link:
    This playavble demo is already very old and is full of bugs, but take a look. The current engine is much more advanced and revised, we are scheduling to release a new demo for Christmas.

    You are with this project since 2011? I’m surprised I have not seen before.
    I would enjoy and invite you to open a topic on the DKC ATLAS site, there are great enthusiast people of DKC franchise. The topic for DKC Projects/Fanworks is:

    His work is amazing, keep up!

  3. sb says:

    I love DKC, I love how vast you’ve made the environments…and realistic! It really feels like an updated version of the original games….awesome work. Looking forward to playing it.

    • Igor says:

      Thanks a lot! I really liked the decor of the original games, I tried my best to give my background the same feel!

  4. Watilon says:

    Sou um fã brasileiro de DK, simplesmente fantástico o trabalho de vocês

  5. I’m from Brazil.

    Wonderful! I love DKC and can not wait to download. Good job man!

  6. ALAN says:

    What’s requeriments to play game?

    • Igor says:

      I can play the game on my laptop. It’s a game made with the Unreal Engine so you’ll need the same requirements as for Gears Of War, Batman Arkham Asylum, Unreal Tournament 3 etc. If you can play these games, you can play A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country!

  7. Paulo says:

    Guys, loved the project but.. Why annouce it? I mean, you know Nintendo Won’t agree with this.. Sadly.

  8. sonaje says:

    wainting for the game…

  9. Tiago Junior Castanha says:

    Sensacional, é incrível ver um trabalho bem feito. Vi os videos hoje em um feed de notícia do olhar digital no site do facebook. Parabéns, sou fã desde criança da série DONKEY KONG COUNTRY do snes, na minha opinião você conseguiu algo que a retro studio não conseguiu, PARABÉNS, você trouxe a nostalgia em um trabalho magnifico, quando vi o video fiquei impressionado, não vejo a hora do lançamento e jogar aqui no meu computador, essa foi a melhor noticia até hoje que vi sobre o mundo dos games

  10. juliano says:

    parabéns amigo, estou ansioso para jogar.

  11. Amarildo says:

    Please, PLEASE make this compatible with Linux!

    Also, consider porting it to Steam’s GreenLight!

  12. Ricardo says:

    Hello first congratulations on the project, I am BR and looking forward to the game out games have an independent channel, and so the launch Faso Gameplayer to show for the crowd again congratulations for the work.

  13. Elvis Araujo says:

    I’m also a great Brazilian fan from the original DKC games for the Super Nintendo. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about your project before. I’m very excited for playing it. The graphics and scenarios are astonishing. Excellent selection for the soundtrack too.

    I’ll make a donation as soon as I can. Thank you so much for the time and motivation put into this project.

  14. David Braz de Lucena says:

    Another brazilian cheering for you here.
    I just sent you a message in the ‘who made this’ page, and will be waiting for your success in the next 8 days (man, I could make that localization for you in less than 48 hours, guaranteed). But no worries if you won’t use multi-language support, gamers from Brazil will still enjoy it, and I’ll keep my word on bringing your work to as many people as possible. Keep up the good work!

  15. Roger Walker says:

    One more thanks from Brazil.You from? I finished DK at the beginning of last year by using super nitendo emulator. This game is really fantatisc. I really don’t know how you did this alone. What are you graduated in? CONGRATULATIONS! I hope your work return great things to you!

    {return good things;} //:3

  16. Cláudio Forain says:

    Awesome work. Is there a co-op (tag) mode ? Are you planning to release how many more levels? Keep it up, its awesome!

    • Igor says:

      Not in the first release that’s coming Dec 1st, but since it’s asked for a lot, I might try to work on it!
      I don’t know yet the number of levels, it will really depend on the success of the game!
      Thanks for the kind message!

  17. Anthonio Delbon says:

    Man, awesome work!! Just found out about this, it’s amazing all the effort and concern you put in this project. Very exciting for playing it, congratulations and good luck! Gonna tell everyone about this!

    Greetings from Brazil too!

  18. Caio says:

    It would be great also did a tribute like this to Chrono Trigger!

  19. Marcos Matos says:

    Achei fantástico seu projeto, DK é um jogo de respeito, não vejo a hora de jogar o seu remake, parabéns! mas só uma pergunta, pretende lançar para dispositivos moveis? por exemplo, Android e IOS?

    • Igor says:

      Thank you! But no, I won’t be able to port the game to android and iOS, there are too many technical limitations…

  20. Jon Nugem says:

    Very impressive work! I’ve just played it and it’s better than I spected, actually.
    I’ve found a few problems though – and I’m a homemade game developer like you, so I know how important feedback is, and I’m here to do it:

    1. Crouch Button – it’s a little problematic to crouch using the same key you attack. It should be DOWN by default, but I’ve seen in controller settings it is assigned to walk. Well, I’ve played too much yet do find if you can actually walk multi-directional so…

    2. Level Design – I’m a old school DK player (also play the newer titles on Wii and Wii U) and I find the initial levels rather difficult for a warm-up experience these levels should be. In the first level, I actually found myself afraid of falling down some trees cuz I didnt know there was ground, the camera didnt show me. Also, give me a perk in the start (a DK Barrel), it’s basic in every plataform game.

    3. Sound – some sounds are low quality. You prolly have recored it from in-game emulator. Well, I actually can help you in this one:
    Here are high quality samples from SNES DKCs.

    Hope I’ve helped!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Igor says:

      Thank you for your feedback!
      Yeah at the beginning the crouch and attack were two different buttons, and by thinking about it you should’nt be able to crouch if running, then it becomes too easy to avoid stuff. I might do more crouch related obstacle or ennemies in the next episodes.

      2; It’s difficult, I had some feedback that camera was to far before, so it’s closer now but obviously it leads to some issues. Also, there’s a DK Barrel hidden in the cave!

      3; thanks!

      See you!

  21. Junior Lopes says:

    Olá tudo bem?
    Mesmo colocando em uma resolução baixa, não consigo jogar…
    Os drivers estão atualizados mas o jogo tem lag demais.
    será que alguém pode me ajudar?

    Configuração do PC:
    – Core 2 duo E7400
    – 4GB RAM
    – Placa de vídeo Geforce 9400gt 1Gb
    – OS Windows 8.1 PRO Original.

    • Igor says:

      Sorry you cannot play the game, there is no simple way to optimize the performance.
      I might do an “ultra light” version for low-end pc if there’s a lot of demand, but it kinda defeats the purpose of a HD remix…

  22. Bianca says:

    CARA, DKC é meu jogo favorito, jogava no snes, comprei pra gba qd lançou, depois que meu gba parou de funcionar baixei um emulador só pra poder jogar esse jogo! Devo ter zerado umas 10 vezes já hahah Adorei o projeto! Fiquei sabendo disso por um tumblr gringo e qd chego aqui descubro q vc é brasileiro! Q show! Vou baixar agora, só não sei se o meu laptop vai rodar hahah espero q sim!

  23. Bianca says:

    ops, acho q na verdade vc não é brasileiro, achei q fosse por causa da quantidade de brasileiros comentando xD, mas enfim! Good job!

  24. hey bro. share a torrent! [:torrent sempre!]

  25. Mateus Do E. Santo says:

    So perfetc, So real, So amazing!!! I don’t have more words to express So many good feelings!
    I think that you are the perfect guy for to Make a tribute to Killer Instinct too.
    You have a real feeling to keep the game so original and modern in all aspects!
    Many People needs to play a modern Killer instinc like this Tribute to DKC.
    Because the Killer Instinc III, Is Not a real Killer Instinct to me, because lost too originality.
    Thanks So Much. God Bless you to keep this way

  26. Mateus Do E. Santo says:

    Tão perfeito, tão real, tão incrível !!! Eu não tenho mais palavras para expressar tantos bons sentimentos!
    Eu acho que você é o cara perfeito para fazer um tributo a Killer Instinct também.
    Você tem um sentimento real para manter o jogo tão original e moderno em todos os aspectos!
    Muitas pessoas precisam de jogar um Killer Instinc moderno como este Tributo a DKC.
    Porque o Killer Instinc III, não é um verdadeiro Killer Instinct pra mim, porque perdeu muita originalidade.
    Muito obrigado. Deus te abençoe para manter este caminho.

  27. A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country Wallpaper 1920 x 1080

  28. Raymond says:

    Would love to play the game but my gaming PC is at home and I won’t be there for a long time (read years). Video’s look awesome, hope you’ll make more levels and hopefully there are enough people that would like a light version (count me in as one). Keep up the great work, voted for you on Moddb :).

  29. Lithdor says:

    That game is the best remake game i’ve ever played, congratzz. I wanna know with there will be any actualization to implant more graphics controllers.

  30. David M says:

    Hey Igor What’s up? I’m from Colombia. I am really AMAZE with your project. It is very awesome that you made this alone, the graphics, the sound, texture, design wooowwww everything. i really appreciate this work GREAT JOB !!. You just made me feel again like when i was a kid. DKC in the 90’s i know that most of people who played it felt something amazing. with this graphics and the originality content is like to go back again. Thanks for this Igor. It would be nice if you continue with this project add some features as DKC trilogy had, such as lost world, DKC 1, 2 , 3 music and content. GREAT JOB MAN

  31. Lukin says:

    très bon jeu je te félicite. J’espère que tu vas continué ton projet et faire les autres mondes car c’est un vrai hommage au donkey kong country original.Le seul point noir c’est que dans certains endroits on a du mal à voir les serpent et on meurt par la suite bêtement.Sinon chapeau sur l’animation de donkey il est très fidèle à l’original.

    • Igor says:

      Merci c’est super gentil! C’est difficile de régler la caméra pour tous les instants, je vais voir ce que je peux faire pour la suite!
      A bientôt!

  32. Rafael says:

    The game is amazing! Congratulations.
    But it stop saving for me after the “Barrel Roll” level. When I pass this level, the game go back to the previous level, and don’t save the level passed and the lifes lost…

    • Igor says:

      That’s so weird, I never had issues with the save system… I’m sorry, I can send you a 100% save file if you want to ! Let me know!

      • Rafael says:

        I try to start a new game, but this new game start with the progress of the first game saved.. I’ll try to reinstall before ask you the save file, because the collest is to do all by myself. Thank you

  33. Caio Alves says:

    Naum consigo rodar a instalaçao
    memoria: 6GB DDR-3
    processador: Amd a6
    Placa de video: radeon 2GB

  34. Bruna Bertoli says:

    Primeiramente meus parabéns pelo trabalho e dedicação! Fico encantada em ver pessoas como você que se dedica a algo sozinho e consegue um resultado magnifico! Você merece todo reconhecimento, outros jogos deveriam fazer assim! Nostalgia pura pra mim que passei horas quando criança! Lindo! Isso sim é jogo! Só uma questão a acrescentar: deveria colocar configurações minimas do computador para rodar o jogo, no meu pc não rodou! infelizmente!

  35. BONKERS says:

    Hey, this is really awesome. But, for some reason like a lot of late era UE3 games, a lot of the post processing effects are tied to the “DepthOfField=” setting in the Engine configuration. Now normally this isn’t a big deal. Except for whatever reason, this also means that FXAA is always enabled unless you disable ALL of the PP effects all together.

    The reason this matters is because we can get far better anti aliasing on Nvidia cards thanks to SGSSAA

    So because FXAA is always on, it conflicts with SGSSAA making it so we have to disable all of the PP effects in order to get any kind of decent quality hardware AA.

    If you can rebuild it without the FXAA shader code and binaries and hopefully that does the trick. I and many others would be very grateful!


    (Also I have some suggestions for the shadow depth bias for example too. But i’m still working on finding the ideal setting)

  36. Rafael says:

    Hey, congrats on the great job. One thing though, I cannot play the game properly, it’s lagging too much when there’s enemies moving around.

    The funny thing is that, by looking at your comments, you say that PCs that can play games such Batman Arkham Asylum will execute this game in no problem, and in my PC I can play some of these game all maxed out, with little delay and fps down rate.

    I tried to change the resolution, but the lag persists. Maybe my computer doesn’t like the Unreal Engine, or it is just a matter of optimizing the computer resources allocated in-game, I don’t know. Just reporting that to you.

    My computer configuration is the following
    – Core 2 Duo E7600 @ 3.06Hz 3.07Hz
    – 4gb RAM DDR3
    – NVidia Geforce 9600 GT 1gb
    – Windows 7 32bits

    Again, congrats for the initiative!

  37. Fabiano Krauss says:

    Olá, gostei muito do seu jogo ficou incrível, os gráficos e a música são ótimos. Fiz um vídeo no meu canal no Youtube divulgando o seu jogo para os meus inscritos. De uma olhada no meu canal do youtube:, no final do vídeo tem um bug que aconteceu durante a gravação do vídeo, mas nada que apague o brilho do jogo.
    Parabéns ficou incrível o jogo!!!

  38. Sid Erellip says:

    Hello, This is Sid from Holland.

    I wanna say that this is a amazing work and that you work alone is incredible. Also i love how this should have been the new DK game. If only Nintendo have see this and approve this. I love the 3 classic DK games, but since the wii and wii u games came, it’s like not the same anymore. What happened? It’s like there was something was missing ‘a lot’. I’m not satisfied with Nintendo’s choices lately and hope it doesn’t goes downhill like Capcom for example. Btw i do not hate Nintendo, i still love it. I was hoping for a game like this should have come out. Back to the topic. Excellent work and keep up the good work.


  39. L says:

    Hey, could you please available the download in torrent? Would be easier to download the tribute and I’m so excited to play, but it’s taking too long.. tks

  40. Alex says:

    Salut Igor j’aime beaucoup que tu ait pris le temps de faire un jeu de Donkey Kong en hommage aux anciens jeux c’est génial !

    Le seul problème est que je n’arrive pas à bien jouer car il y a beaucoup de lag quand je bouge et même quand j’ai baisser ma résolution de 1080p à 720p ça lag encore. Mon ordi est capable de rouler Batman Arkham City en Moyen donc pense-tu que tu pourrais regarder cela de plus près et peut-être sortir un update pour le jeu pour qu’il soit mieux optimiser stp ? Car honnêtement ton jeu j’aimerais beaucoup l’essayer…mais je ne peut pas vraiment jouer comme il faut pour le moment désoler de te dire ça :/

    Mais je t’encourage de continuer ton travail je suis sur que tu peut y arriver ta du potentiel 🙂

  41. Vrenrik says:

    @ first: i love your project

    @ second (feedback): – change/switch the character (donkey and diddy) with 1 keyboard/controller button
    – more kongs 2 play:
    Dixie (
    Tiny (
    Chunky (
    Kiddy (
    – maybe the final boss:
    Cactus/Ghastly King (
    (its the same boss) (

    @ third: when is the next update for your game (i can’t wait)

  42. Átila says:

    I’m from Brazil! i became a big fan of DK after my friend call me to play.. Since then, i like it very much.. Really amazing work!! Very good job!! (I hope that does not have an error of grammar.. <– P.S: This phrase i saw on google translate.. kkkkkk) Congratulations dude!!

  43. Sarioya says:

    I just finished playing this. This is some amazing work, man. I really hope that you continue to work on this. As far as gameplay went, there were a few things I noticed that felt like they could use a bit of work.

    1) The lack of an actual run button felt kind of odd. Although I suspect you designed the levels around not being able to run after a roll, I feel like adding the ability would help things speed up a bit and help things feel not quite so empty (at least in the first level or two).

    2) Again, this is something that I think you probably designed levels around, but I found it a bit odd to not let the player swap between Donkey and Diddy. It also seemed odd that when you did switch to Diddy (via losing Donkey) or obtain Diddy, they didn’t really feel any different than playing as Donkey.

    3) The mine cart tracks. Particularly, the sections where they bend. I felt that it was really jarring that you could actually launch yourself off the course by jumping at the wrong point. Specially when I’m so used to just doing small jumps randomly in the original games. Also, I think it’d be interesting/fun to see a mine cart level down the line where the track just curves all over the place and you need to avoid enemies. That’s kind of hard to do if you’ll just fly off into the distance or at the camera. :-p

    4) Some of the collision is a bit off randomly. I jumped on a number of enemies (snakes and banana-controlled kremlings) and would randomly take a hit as if I had just walked into them. Also, during the boss fight, when he raises his legs to strike, you can take a hit from them as if they were on the same plane as you, even though they look like they’re further back. There may also be a chance that his head can hit you when he takes a swing, because I took a hit from seemingly nothing while standing on the center platform while he attacked with his right leg.

    5) After losing almost all my lives to the boss (not sure if that’s related at all, but either way I went from about 18 to 3 or something like that), he started attacking only with his left leg. Even after I hit him, he’d just attack with his left leg again and again, no matter where I was.

    The first three, I think, come down to personal preference. The last two though are things that should probably be looked into. Again, the game is really impressive. I hope this feedback helps out.

    • Igor says:

      Wow impressive and ultra helpful feedback, thank you so much!
      You’re right, Diddy and DK have exactly the same code, that’s why it didn’t felt different 😉
      About the mine cart, it’s really intended as it would have been easier to make the cart follow the rails in the air, but I found that too weird visually and fought it could be interesting gameplay-wise.
      Yes you’re right about collisions, it’s a nightmare with UDK… It’s gonna be difficult to improve, but I’ll look into it.
      Yeah there are several little bugs with the final boss, I fixed nearly all of them already but I need to add some things before reuploading a 1.1 version.

      Thanks again!

  44. Jacob Roberson says:

    From what I have seen of this game, it’s a masterpiece. I really wanted to try it out for myself, but unfortunately, the game is too resource-intensive for my laptop, which I bought in 2010. The game only runs at 5 fps.

    I do have an external hard drive, but I don’t know how much good that will do.

    What kind of system requirements would you recommend for running this game? I don’t play a lot of games, honestly, so giving me games to compare won’t help.

    • Igor says:

      It works well in full HD with a good core i5, a Geforce GT750M, and 4Gb of memory.
      Then again, slight lower might work, and better will give great results. It’s really high end! It doesn’t work with Intel HD graphic cards.
      You can try this :
      Someone posted a set of settings that reduces the quality but improves performance, the game looks really bad but it goes fast!
      Let me know if this work!
      Thanks again!

  45. Lucas says:

    Hey man, that was a great game and I got really addicted to it and almost got everything, except a thing I can’t figure out. How do I get the letter O in Barrel Roll? It’s the only thing missing.

    Again, awesome job doing all this alone, congratulations.

  46. Elías Rodea says:

    Hola Igor, acabo de descubrir tu trabajo realizado hasta el momento, me parece magnífico. Jugué cada uno de los títulos de la serie Country y soy desarrollador de videojuegos. Me especializo en modelado 3D y creación de niveles. Me encantaría colaborar contigo para continuar este proyecto.

  47. Fan says:

    Can you finish the first game like have eight world’s and a nine bonus one, plus can you do the tribute to the second and third sequel as well?

  48. Chris says:

    Great looking game. I just heard about it.
    Please release the game on Linux. I’d love to play it.

  49. Chris says:

    Android port please.
    I would love to play this game on the new Nvidia shield console.

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